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Jiangyin Spark Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise integrated with R&D and production, and now, it has become the new high-tech enterprise in Wuxi city, small and medium-sized technology-based enterprise in Jiangsu province and new high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province (reserved). There are 100 staff in the company now, including 20 college degree or above, occupying 20%.

Since its establishment in 1995, the company has obtained 2 patents for invention, 8 utility models and 6 appearance patents, in which, the patent of "saving-energy and protecting-environment AC/DC contactor controller" has passed the product achievements appraisal organized by Jiangsu machinery office and technical evaluation organized by Wuxi science and technology bureau. And now, it has been recommended by Jiangyin electromechanical system and Wuxi science and technology system to award the product technology achievement award, and it has obtained high-tech product certificate in Jiangsu province and special guiding fund for small-and-medium-sized enterprises in Jiangyin city, and in 2010, the company has obtained the "second prize of the engineering industry improvement award in jiangsu province". Up to now, there are 2 patents for invention and 1 utility model in publicity stage.

And now, the country advocates energy conservation, emission reduction and power-operated control, our company mainly researches and manufactures the opening-closing mutual inductor for late reformation of industrial and rural power grid, namely, it is devoted to supporting facility of energy sources reconstruction, which greatly saves labor and financial resources, and fills domestic technical vacancy. At present, the product has been marketed throughout the world and slightly received by domestic and overseas market. (A patent for invention: No. 808946 and utility model: No. 1482389 are granted to the product)

At present, the projects normally researched and developed by our company are as follows:

  1. Wireless opening-closing type and smart home;
  2. Waterproof opening-closing type and outdoor opening-closing mutual inductor;
  3. Rogowski coil mutual inductor;

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