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[special point]
Open and close structure, one side of the hinge connection, the other side of the clasp contact, easy to install.
More flat in shape than standard open and close (KCT series).
The secondary output adopts the sheath line, the length can be customized according to the requirements.
The secondary output is 5A/1A, and it can also directly output milliampere-level current.
The magnetic core adopts cold rolled silicon steel winding iron core, with good precision, excellent linearity and strong loading.
Comply with CE, UL, ROHS certification.
[table of parameters]
Model SCT0070
Applicable standard GB 20840 \ IEC 61869
highest voltage of the device 0.66\0.72KVrms
current 100-800Arms
maximum allowable current 1000Arms
Secondary current 5\1Arms or mA level current output
Accuracy grade class 0.5、class1.0(output of 5Arms)
class 0.5、class1.0(output of 1Arms)
class0.2(mA level current output)
Output 1A line graph Refer to the figure
Output 5A line graph Refer to the figure
shell material Flame retardant UL94V0
Secondary lead 2*2.5mm2 Sheath line
Compressive strength 3KVAC/min
Insulation resistance DC500V/100MΩ
Operating frequency 50-400HZ
Conditions of use —25℃~50℃
Preservation conditions —30℃~70℃


The transformer winding 3000 t, different load line diagram, it is recommended to use load between 10 Ω Ω - 100xhxhxhxh

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